CAD/CAM Dentistry

Henry Schein ConnectDental, Henry Schein’s platform for digital dentistry, combines a wide choice of digital technology solutions with all the knowledge, service, and support needed to help practitioners navigate the rapidly changing world of digital dentistry. As your trusted advisor, you can rely on us to help you make the technology choices that meet the unique needs of your practice or laboratory. With Henry Schein ConnectDental, you get the right technology — seamlessly integrated into your practice and ongoing support to continuously operate efficiently and successfully.

Scan your patient

It all starts with a digital 3D intraoral scan. Scanning with 3Shape TRIOS can be done within a few minutes.

CAD Design

Plan and design the case in-house with a guided intuitive workflow or send it to a lab with just a click.

Monitor over time

Easily track development of your patients’ dental status and monitor treatment progress.

Engage with visuals

The digital scan and excitement apps are a perfect starting point to engage your patients and increase acceptance of your treatment proposals


An open ecosystem allows you to choose and integrate the machine or 3D printer of your choice into your in-house workflow.

Benefits Of Going Digital

Superior patient experience

Improve treatment accuracy by integrating technology

Benefit from an open ecosystem

Boost productivity

More intuitive workflow

Unlimited treatment possibilities

Increase your profitability

Expand your offering with chair-side dentistry

Keep abreast of industry trends

Henry Schein CAD/CAM Academy

At Henry Schein, we put a lot of emphasis on continuous education and development. Our customers can benefit from our vast expertise in the digital dentistry, as well as learn from our renowned speakers and application trainers. We help you make the most of your digital solution investment by providing:

  • Ongoing education to enable your dental team fully utilize all solution benefits
  • Integration to help provide seamless workflow efficiency
  • Sustained support to give you the confidence that we will be with you every step of the way
  • TRIOS setup & maintenance (e.g. calibration, disinfection)
  • Digital order form & Patient management
  • Scan strategy for a quadrant scan & full arch scan: upper, lower, bite
  • Case submission to a lab or treatment provider via 3Shape Communicate
  • Lab 3D scanner setup & use
  • Dental System software UI
  • Design workflow for a single unit crown & 3-unit bridge
  • Scanning crown/inlay/veneer/ onlay/implant cases
  • Pre-preparation scanning
  • Prep line scan techniques
  • Patient specific motion record
  • Digital analysis tools
  • Scanning implant cases
  • How to use scan bodies
  • Tools: lock surface, zoom
  • Patient specific motion record
  • Digital analysis tools
  • Mastering full arch scanning: tips & tricks?
  • How to scan different bites
  • Treatment simulation on TRIOS
  • Digital patient monitoring
  • Digital analysis tools
  • 3Shape Inbox for TRIOS cases
  • Mastering CAD of different dental restorations:
  • - anatomy & framework
  • - implant support
  • - digital models
  • Chair-side workflow
  • How to connect a milling unit
  • Selection of materials
  • Design of single unit restorations in Design Studio
  • Nesting in a block and sending for milling
  • Milling machine: setup, milling techniques, maintenance
  • Post-processing: stain & glaze
  • Guided surgery workflow
  • Implant libraries selection
  • Prosthetic driven implant planning in Implant Studio
  • Surgical guide design
  • Surgical guide report & Drilling protocol
  • 3D printing of surgical guide
  • In-vitro surgery using guided implant kit
  • Ortho Analyzer: case analysis, alignment of intraoral scan & CT scan/Ceph, digital teeth segmentation, reports, etc.
  • Digital model basing
  • In-house clear aligners
  • Indirect bonding workflow
  • Splint design
  • 3D printing of orthodontic applications
    • Dental System Control Panel:
    • - design parameters
    • - materials selection
    • - implant libraries
    • - anatomy libraries
    • Digital Smile Design workflow
    • Removables: RPD & Dentures
    • Advanced implant restorations
    • Optimize performance of the software in a large lab setup

    Join our study groups, hands-on sessions and lectures with international speakers: